We make Construct2/3 Cordova Plugins.
Also make android and ios games using them.

Play our featured games:

Initial Quiz Korean (Korean)

Equation Quiz

Block Puzzle

License Info (Korean)

Whack A Mole

Predict A Ball

Catch Bugs

Hit The Ball

Motor Cycle Shooter

Slide Puzzle

Pick Up Sticks

Games we made
Add Number Air Fighter Airplane Attack Airplane Hook Airplane Shoot Avoid Bird Avoid Hammer Avoid Shit Avoid Spike Balance Weights Bird Hunt Bird Rescue Block Puzzle Block Sequence Bombard Tank Boss Attack Bounce Avoider Bounce Ball Cameleon Run Cannon Defender Catch Bugs Change Block Color Change Direction Change Two Shapes Circular Avoider Clear The Road Climb A Tree Climb Walls Collect Candies Collect Carrots Collect Eggs Collect Green Collect Smaller Numbers Confine Ball Cowboy Shoot Cross Stepping Stones Dart Board Defend Cake Defend Castle Defend Ground Defend House Defend Shelter Defend The Earth Defend Tower Defend Village Defend With Colors Do Not Stay Longer Drop Banana Eagle Bomber Earth Runner Eat Mosquito Equation Quiz Equation Quiz OX Falling Turkey Find Color Find Icon Find Odd Flappy Cat Flash Light Fly Round Food Shop Forest Bridge Forest Fall Go To Toilet Halloween Run Hit The Ball How Many People In Initial Quiz Korean Jump And Duck Jump And Rotate Jumping Girl Jump On Circle Jump On Turtle Jump Precisely Jump Rope Let Green Pass Let Human Pass License Info Line Racing Make All Same Color Match Falling Animal Match Falling Jewel Match Falling Star Memorize Flashing Memorize Pencils Mirror Furnitures Motor Cycle Shooter Move At Right Angle Moving Cheese Moving Math Parachute Invader Pick Up Sticks Ping Pong Predict Ball Pizza Delivery Primitive Man Run Reading Laser Rising Copter Rotate Colors Rotate Connected Blocks Rotate Mobius Strip Run And Jump Santa Run Save The Banana Save The Color Sea Battle Shark Life Shoot Flapping Bird Slide Puzzle Smash Workers Space Battle Spear Fruits Spiked Circle Super Hula Match Think Number Three D Racing Throw Weight Tilt Log Touch Numbers In Order Touch Same Birds Touch Zombies In Circle Twin Copter Twin Runner Whack A Mole Win A Goal

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